White Magic Easy Rituals to fight Black Magic

Black Magic is itself, a series of rituals that allow access to the deepest, oldest and most evil hidden powers and knowledge of earth, this spells used in a proper way can cause a lot of damage, but here we will teach you how to do white magic to counteract the effect that black magic spells can cause in your life if as they say: “someone has set up a black magic work“, also you will know to identify if you are a victim of this type dark magic.

Differences Between Black and white magic

Hamsa black magic vs white magic

The main difference between how to do black magic and how to do White Magic is that one is created by a higher soul (White), also known as a full soul versus the magic created by a selfish personality (Black), in simple terms One is Selfish magic and the other is a magic where the creative process is led by the desire to serve.

White Magic has a charismatic, generous and kindness character born with the need to serve defensive effect from those who occupy magic in a perverse and selfish way to hurt others, either out of envy or personal gain.

How to do White Magic Rituals?

Before doing these rituals, you must follow these recommendations for which it is important to clarify that you do not need to have extrasensory powers, special qualities or divine gifts, anyone can do them at home, let’s see:

How to know if someone made Black Magic to me?

You should be very careful of what you step in the house, because when a person has made black magic with cemetery ground or dead animals such as pigeons or cats, even pieces of clothing, usually these elements are thrown outside the house like in gardens, anteroom and garage. If you find yourself with some of these items do not step them, you should surround with a salt circle and then take it with gloves, never with uncovered hands and throw it away or burn it.

Amulets to fight Black Magic

  • Ruda plant: If you want to know if your house is affected by a black magic spell, put a Ruda plant at the entrance, because this plant is dried by the effect of magic, this magic plant can absorb the negative energy that have been sent to your home, when it dries completely, then it has achieved its goal and it is time to change it.
  • The Hand of Fatima: It is also known as Hama,  and it has a very particular history; Fatima was one of the Prophet Mahoma’s daughters, is known she was suffering from her husband’s infidelities and tired of so much humiliation and pain she prepares the food that is going to serve and puts her husbands’ hand in the pot and burns. Hence this hand represents the united forces that make up a human being: sensation, perception, body, trends and thoughts. The hand should be facing down whenever she receives, protects and throw everything bad.
  • Medal of San Benito:  this man was considered the first exorcist, this medal is powerful because represents the forces of good that San Benito invoked to remove evil spirits or the devil himself from people in 400 BC.

 White Magic mirrors Ritual

Take a hand mirror, preferably a small one, so that you can carry with you on the jacket or shirt pocket near the heart:

  1. Put the mirror upside down.
  2. Around the mirror put three candles, one to the left, one on the right side and one in the front, forming a triangle.
  3. Add on the mirror a few drops of lemon.
  4. A handful of salt is sprayed on the mirror.
  5. Make circles with your finger above the mirror.
  6. Spray on the mirror melted wax of the 3 candles.
  7. Recite the following incantation: “Clear mirror, protect me night and day, block everything bad and send it back,” repeated it twice.
  8. Clean the mirror, save it in your pocket and always take it with you.

Positive projection on paper.

To make this white magic spell you will need a white sheet, a red cloth and a marker preferably blue ink. Do the following steps:

  1. Place the white sheet on the red cloth.
  2. With the marker, divide the sheet with a vertical line exactly in the middle.
  3. Recite the following: “just as the earth is to heaven and heaven is to earth.”
  4. Cross the vertical line with another horizontal line forming a cross.
  5. Recite the following: “We are all equal before the supreme God.”
  6. Make a small circle in the center of the cross.
  7. Recite: “I’m here totally protected me and my people.”
  8. Make a bigger circle that unites all the points of the cross.
  9. The cross protects me from all evil, and he or they cannot enter because I am protected.
  10. Place your left hand on the sheet of paper.
  11. Reciting aloud: “This talisman protects me, it is light, I made a circle of light, there is me and all the people I love and we are completely protected”
  12. Bend the paper and keep it in your pocket and always carry it with you.

Finally, keep in mind that these spells are only effective if you use them to protect you from the bad people who want to hurt you but do not use them to try to hurt others because you may be reversed as a spell of black magic. If you like it share it on your social networks and leave a comment about your experience if you have already done it.

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