Who killed Marilyn Monroe? The revealed truth

In the golden age of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe overshadowed all the other girls through a series of successful films. In the 50s, her appearance made her one of the most photographed women on the planet, but at 3:45 am on the fateful August 5, 1962, Marilyn was found dead at her home in Los Angeles. This opened the door to one of the great enigmas of the world that finally managed to be unveiled and we will tell you here, where the mystery of the death of Marilyn Monroe is revealed.

Forensic report of the autopsy of Marilyn Monroe

Twelve days later, after Marilyn’s death, the coroner confronts the world’s press, but her findings were inconclusive, the word “probably” opened the possibility to many conspiracy theories that include the claim that she was murdered.

Now the leading forensic pathologist Richard Shepherd, uses the autopsy report of Marilyn and the medical background recently found to obtain the truth of his mysterious death, with the new medical evidence that he has, he believes he can end the rumors and speculations that surrounded the Marilyn’s death more than 50 years ago.

This renowned forensic pathologist Richard Shepherd, has performed major autopsies for more than 25 years, thanks to his work experience in cases such as the investigation of September 11, the investigation of the death of Princess Diana and many more stars and personalities, This pathologist has earned the reputation of having the last word.

And now it dusts off the report of Marilyn’s death, revealing details never before known based on the star’s private medical history, to be able to do a new and unique investigation.

Death of Marilyn Monroe

On August 4, 1962, Marilyn was at home in a break from her new movie. After a series of relationships with powerful men including President John F. Kennedy, her life was at a crossroads, at 36, she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, but Hollywood was not interested in her, they gave her , again, a similar role, “the silly blonde”.

That day at about 9 in the morning, Lawrence Schiller, the photographer of the new movie, arrived at her house. The actress had allowed this photographer to photograph her in a series of revealing photos, and of course these photos came out in the Play Boy magazine of June 1962, hence the autopsy report says that Marilyn remained in excellent physical condition

Life of Marilyn Monroe

When she was born, her real name was Norma Jean Mortenson. In 1926, he entered Hollywood. At 20 years of age, after signing a 6-month contract with Century Fox, she realized that Hollywood needed a new sex symbol and she was willing to do it.

She changed her name to Marilyn Monroe, she became a woman who used her body without any real sense of shame or guilt, she was beautiful, young and very talented.

At the age of 23 she posed for her first nude photograph and with this, she became the most important diva of the Korean War. Returned in Hollywood, gained fame with a series of successful films, the “dumb blonde” came to the understanding that his success depended on his appearance and the character he had created. She was aware that it was an advertising product, she was very good at building her image.

The surgeries of Marilyn Monroe

At age 24, she went to the plastic surgeon for a chin implant, then, due to a fall in her home, she visited the surgeon again for a blow to the nose, however, the surgeon realized that the implant the cartilage in his chin was dissolving, and he would have to have surgery again.

Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy reveals that she was using drugs

In June of 1962, her personal life was completely collapsing, a fact that is reflected in the autopsy report, showing changes in her stomach that is described as a clear congestion with submucosal petechial hemorrhage and, this means, that there was a high consumption of drugs.

The stomach wall looked quite red, which is typical of a person who uses drugs in a short period before his death, but the pathologist who analyzed her stomach found no drugs present in the body to identify at that time, the evidence suggests that Marilyn took some medications shortly before her death, but what were those medications? And how did they get to her stomach? This is the key to the mystery of Marilyn Monroe’s death.

The room where Marilyn Monroe is found dead

The analysis of the place where she appears dead, that was her room of her house in Los Angeles, shows that there were 8 different types of medicines around her when she died, what we want to know is: what role did these drugs have in the cause of her death?

One of the main causes of her stress was his inability to sleep, a very frequent problem, for which she sought medical help. The toxicology report shows that Marilyn was given a prescription of 4 days, before her death, by 50 capsules of chloral hydrate, this is a sedative that acts by suppressing the central nervous system, by makes them feel sleepy and that the people who consume it they fall asleep easily, but chloral hydrate can have a fatal impact on the respiratory system.

Marilyn Monroe’s health problems

Since she was a little girl she did not sleep well, in her childhood she was like in 9 orphanage homes, since her mother gave her up for adoption at 2 years old, so the insomnia in her adulthood was a chronic condition.

The problem with these medications is that, she has a hangover period, she has trouble waking up and starting the new day, so what happens is that she will take another medication to start the day, the one she used was a drug called dexedrine, a amphetamine-type medicine.

The prescription of dexedrine was dated just one month before her death, and was within the private papers that were sold at an auction in 2013.

But the problem with taking dexedrine, is that you are too awake, and the whole situation becomes a vicious circle, sedatives at night to sleep and amphetamines in the morning to wake up.

However, to counteract the effects of dexedrine, Marilyn had to take more and more chloral hydrate, so she was prescribed 4 capsules of chloral hydrate a day, but the autopsy report shows that, there were only 10 in the bottle, so he had to take 40 in the 4 days before her death.

We know, from the toxicology report, that the level of chloral hydrate in her bloodstream was elevated by 8%, but that level is not in the lethal range, so it was not what killed Marilyn, so we have to find another reason to his death.

Marilyn Monroe suffered from anxiety

Despite taking many sedatives, Marilyn was awake most of the night and she was very annoyng, because she couldn’t fall asleep, but anger is not the only negative emotion she felt, another of the medications in Marilyn’s room was the libriun, a medicine that is used to treat anxiety.

The autopsy reveals that she was prescribed the medication on June 7, 1962, less than 2 months before her death, but more importantly, this was on the same date that she was fired from her last film in Hollywood.

Did this rejection cause her to end her life? Marilyn began working in April 1962 again as the dumb blonde, but in her mid-30s she was tired of that role, and she wanted to be given much more serious roles. But she was stuck with a contract with her studio Century Fox who insisted on continuing to offer him the same papers as always.

Marilyn was tired of being the silly blonde and wanted to show the world that she was a good actress, but everyone thought that she wasnt, because she had only shown herself as a model that made people laugh.

She felt trapped by being Marilyn Monroe, could not get away from what she had created and her anxiety gave her problems with production. She was so stressed in the first 2 months of filming that she had to cancel the recordings 17 times, and she used alcohol to control her feelings.

Marilyn Monroe suffered from alcoholism

The fact that she drank a lot affected his performances negatively, the last problem for Century Fox was 10 weeks before his death, when he disobeyed studio orders and flew to New York, to be with her lover on his birthday, President John F Kennedy.

Marilyn was attracted by older, powerful men. His second marriage was with baseball legend John Dimaggio and only 18 months before his death he had his third marriage to playwright Arthur Miller that ended in divorce.

Her relationship with Kennedy began shortly thereafter, in this last year they got closer, it was a risky and dangerous relationship, on May 19, 1962, she attended the president’s birthday, but she was in a situation that seemed to have consumed alcohol or some medication, her overly sensual performance had detrimental effects.

The president did not like the celebration of his birthday, when he introduced himself to the world in such a sensual way, that’s when the president left her, because of this, the company Century Fox left her too.

When they fired Marilyn Monroe

The incredible news was published in a column of Hollywood gossip on June 7, the following day the study confirmed the dismissal of Marilyn.

There is evidence in the autopsy report that this caused a large increase in the level of anxiety and your doctor prescribed 5mg of librium. The medical reports show that he returned to the doctor and his Doctor doubled the librium dose.

The key feature is that the dose of drugs prescribed by the doctor only increased and that strongly points to someone who only suffered from high levels of stress and anxiety in the final months of her life.

Rejected by her lover and by Hollywood, a week later, Marilyn returned to her doctor and this time prescribed something even stronger, a more potent antidepressant medication, which shows that Marilyn’s mental health was going downhill.

Marilyn Monroe consumed many antidepressants

Marilyn’s personal and professional life was in trouble, she was trapped in a vicious circle of antidepressants and sedatives to sleep and wake up, drank a lot of alcohol and suffered from clinical depression.

Her nightstand was filled with potentially deadly medications, did Marilyn give up and take her own life? Although she suffered from depression almost all her life, the autopsy report does not show that she took enough librium to kill her.

Despite her mental anguish, Marilyn began to fight against the studio, called her press agents and her publicitas, it was a long fight with the film company they fought through lawyers and in the end the company gave up.

Five days before her death the company Century Fox signed with her a contract for 2.5 million dollars for 2 films.

The last day of Marilyn Monroe’s life

On the last day of her life at 4:00 pm, after a meeting with her publicist, her mood worsened dramatically, her housewife was so worried that she called her psychiatrist.

Marilyn thought that she could help her to overcome all her fears and insecurities, when she found her she was hysterical, she felt that she was totally overwhelmed by herself, the Doctor tried to calm her for more than an hour, according to the report of the police, the Doctor asked to her housekeeper to stay with her that night, at 7 o’clock in the evening, she received a phone call from John Dimaggio Junior, who was her stepson, says the lady-in-waiting who spoke loudly and who was in good spirits

At 8:00 pm Marilyn notifies her housekeeper that she would go to sleep, this was the last time Marilyn was seen alive. The autopsy report contains a psychological history that contains evidence of a psychiatric history for a long time, experienced severe fears and frequent depressions, his mood swings were abrupt and unpredictable.

Nowadays it is called bipolar disorder, this disorder is thought to be an imbalance in brain chemicals, brain functions are controlled by chemical neurotransmitters and this imbalance in one or more chemicals is what may cause bipolar disorder

Marilyn Monroe suffered from suicidal thoughts

For Marilyn the suicidal thoughts were not unknown, the autopsy report and the toxicology report showed that she started taking medications as at 8:30 p.m.

At 3:30 am her housewife went to her room and the light was on and the door was closed, from outside the window of the room she saw that she was lying face down on the bed, she called the psychiatrist and said that Marilyn looked weird.

Then, at 3:40 am, the housewife forced open the door of Marilyn’s room, according to the police report a few minutes later the psychiatrist tells the housewife we ​​lost her, Marilyn was without vital signs, and at 3:50 the death of Marilyn was declared.

At 4:35 am, the housekeeper and two doctors alerted the emergency services of Marilyn’s death.

Marilyn Monroe died of sedative overdose

The press learned about the pills they found around her bed, and they practically reported that it was suicide due to overdose of sedatives, it was not the first time that Marilyn tried to commit suicide, but earlier on each attempt she asked for help and rescued her, the psychologist concluded that the night of his death repeated the same pattern, except for the ransom.

After 12 days the coroner of the angels announced the official results, there are speculations since her death that Marilyn was murdered

One of the suspicions is that the Kennedys murdered her, because of her relationship with the president, she started dating Bobby the president’s brother, but Bobby, like his brother, left her a few weeks before her death.

She thought that Bobby would leave his wife and marry her but it was not like that, it was said that she was a crazy person in Hollywood.

Kennedy conspiracy in the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe

It is believed that she was about to reveal his relationship with the Kennedys at a press conference. And that she knew several things that the Kennedys did not want her to say.

In the year 1990, another theory appeared, implicating the Kennedys, because in another version of the facts, an emergency paramedic was reviving her when her psychiatrist, intervened and took out a syringe of phenobarbital and injected it directly into the heart and broke her ribs.

Marilyn died a while later, but it says that the doctor acted on instructions from the Kennedys, although they had no evidence to prove it, this theory as all speculations were not true, since there were no injections in the front of her chest and there were no ribs perforated, therefore this can be denied as all theories of the other conspiracies. 

Toxicological report of the corpse of Marilyn Monroe

The toxicology report of the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe shows that there was another drug present in Marilyn’s bloodstream when she died, it was a drug called Nembutal and the presence of an empty bottle of this drug on the night table suggests that He believes that it is the true story of his death.

Nembutal is a powerful barbiturate drug used to treat insomnia, Marilyn had previously used barbiturates to fight insomnia, both her psychiatrist and her personal physician, were very concerned about their doctors to reduce their dependence.

The doctors were under portion by the study to appear and act like a normal person, but this plan stopped working two days before her death.

Consuming chloral and nembutal hydrate together can have a fatal effect on the respiratory system, autopsy shows that Marilyn took a large amount of chloral hydrate the night she died.

It is curious that she was prescribed both medications at the same time, prescribing these two medications in turn was like signing her death sentence.

The drugs killed Marilyn Monroe

Her doctor denied these two doses of sedatives under oath. But recently, the pathologist doctor found that these statements were false, since he found evidence of the double presumption made by her doctor a few days before her death.

The combined effects of these two drugs, lethal and so quick in their action, prevented Marilyn from making the last call for help.

Marilyn’s body was affected by two sedative drugs so powerful that perhaps they affected the parts of the brain, in high levels the part of the brain that is affected are the control centers where the part of the brain that controls respiration is included, and once that happens, the breathing becomes slower and less deep, and in the end the body is deprived of oxygen.

Prescribing Nembutal and chloral hydrate together was an obvious risk, due to Marilyn’s history of suicide attempts and calls for help, the combination of those two drugs was what killed Marilyn Monroe, it was not a suicide attempt, it was an accidental death associated with medical malpractice.

In conclusion, there is no conspiracy, no evidence of beatings, bruises, asphyxia or marks of violence in the body of Marilyn, the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe is revealed under the study of his autopsy that concludes an intoxication by prescription and prescribed barbiturates by her psychiatrist, who through medical malpractice prescribed a lethal combination that led to this Hollywood star to death, so Marilyn was killed by her psychiatrist.

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