Zoo hypothesis: theory of extraterrestrial life

Maybe sometime in your life you have asked yourself, when you go to the zoo, if the animals are aware of where they are. Most of the animals that are captured to live in these places suffer from depression or anxiety, this because their freedom was taken away, but those who were born in these places understand that this is their life, for them there is nothing different and their condition of captivity is something normal, where they are observed by humans, because so much they compare the life of the humans in front of the extraterrestrial ones, where the humans are the animals of the zoo, whereas, the extraterrestrials observe us. And here, you will learn more about this extraterrestrial mystery that claims that the Earth is a zoo of extraterrestrials… the hypothesis of the Zoo.

Higher beings observe us on earth

One of the theories that delves into the existence of extraterrestrial life and how they interact with humans, although we do not know it, is the Zoological Hypothesis, where it is considered that the planet earth is observed by superior beings and although it does not we have contact with the extraterrestrials they observe us.

The above is explained that in our dairy life there are dozens of advanced civilizations, but we have not yet had contact with them, because according to this theory they see us as a lower civilization, so they do not find interest in communicating with us.

Why we have not contacted extraterrestrials

The zoological hypothesis proposes that extraterrestrials see us as inferior beings, so they keep us on earth as a field for their experiments, stating that they have most likely changed and modified our natural evolutionary process, following your own interests.

This hypothesis reiterates that there is no evidence of direct interaction of humans with extraterrestrials, but we should also accept that, if there were an advanced civilization, its purpose was not to experiment on our planet and perhaps because of this there is some evidence of contact or their presence on earth, either as sightings or tracks.

The aliens study us… hypothesis of the zoo

Another theory suggests that in the Second World War the use of nuclear bombs caught the attention of advanced civilizations and they arrived on our planet to see if we are prepared to join them.

For example, the atomic bomb, despite being one of the worst things created by humanity, demonstrated a high level of development. This theory of extraterrestrial observation based on the fact that these higher beings have not contacted humanity because they do not want to affect our evolution as a species and they want us to continue evolving and then be our allies.

The theory that the earth is a zoo… life beyond the earth

On the other hand, this theory expresses that the aliens observe us as zoo animals, but do not intervene to not alter our habitat, because as today animals, flora and natural resources are protected in the land, they keep on the earth a policy of no intervention to only observe us as their small pets that care or perhaps as guinea pigs.

Communication with extraterrestrials

Most likely, extraterrestrials if they want to communicate with us at some point, which opens the possibility that these civilizations are waiting for the right time to not affect our evolution as a species, because this would change the perspective that humans have, who usually believe that we are the center of the universe and that there is no one superior to us, if true, this would mean that our reality is stranger than we imagine.

So, if the communication with the aliens has not been so clear at present, we do not doubt that it does exist at some time and improves noticeably. These beings have seen our evolution and perhaps only by knowing that it exists and at least presuming that they observe us is a signal that we are already preparing to communicate with them.

The danger of contact with extraterrestrials according to Stephen Hawking

The physicist Stephen Hawking indicated in several interviews the error that could represent contact with the extraterrestrials and how dangerous this could be for the continuation of the human race.

Is it really that the aliens are watching us?

Yes, the aliens observe us and the zoo hypothesis that explains that the aliens have the earth as a giant laboratory where they review human behavior and its evolution is getting stronger every day. This mystery that confirms extraterrestrial life and its interaction with humans every day takes more strength and … what do you think?

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